This Saturday, May 11, 2019, the national television show Best of America by Horseback reached a historic trail riding milestone. Trail Master and Host Tom Seay and his Best of America by Horseback family of trail riders surpassed a cumulative total of 300,000 trail miles by rider on the television show. This happened during a filmed trail ride in South Carolina at H. Cooper Black State Park. The total miles represent participation by riders from every state, countless countries, and every continent in the world.

Best of America by Horseback is blessed to be the top trail riding television show in the world. Most people do not know the goodwill, kindness, and how many hearts have been touched by the television show. All of you have been a part of this wonderful journey and we are so grateful to have been able to share these miles with you.

We asked past locations, sponsors, and friends of the show to share a few words with you, our riders, to help us celebrate and commemorate this wonderful occasion.

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Celebrating 300,000 Miles Ridden!

Dear Tom and Pat,

Knowing you have logged 300,000 miles on horseback, it would seem we were talking about the 1800s before automobiles were invented.  But then you realize all those miles were done on TV and you come back to the present. There truly is no better way to see America than by Horseback and for you to have made this possible for so many people truly is an accomplishment. 

Our family's White Stallion Ranch fortunately hosted Best of America by Horseback several years ago and of the more than 100 TV and movie productions we have had here, BOABH sent us more guests than any other, ever.  We are just smart enough to realize that the success was due to the loyalty and belief that Tom's viewers have in him and their show. I believe they will follow him anywhere. We saw very quickly that Pat's calm, professional work makes all of this possible.  We thank Tom and Pat for all they have done for our ranch and Dude Ranching in general, and America.

The True Family, White Stallion Ranch, Tombstone Monument Ranch, Rancho de la Osa, AZ

Congratulations on your 300,000 mile milestone!  As an avid watcher of Best of America by Horseback,  I am looking forward to more shows. See you soon on the Chisholm Trail for another adventure.

Ona Trubee, Parrie Haynes Equestrian Center,  Killeen, TX

Congratulations Tom, Pat and the Best of America Crew for reaching 300,000 trail miles!!  Whew what a ride!

We still talk about the times you were here filming at Midwest Trail Ride.  What special memories we still have from the making of those TV shows and being at the same trade shows for several years together.  I can only imagine what good times and what good people you have met all across the country.

We will never forget our adventures and our times spent with you guys.  Hope to see you again in the future on another adventure.  

Sending our love and congratulations from Indiana!!

Jeff & Kim Humphries, Midwest Trail Ride, IN

Congratulations to Tom, Pat, and the crew for reaching this milestone -- 300,000 miles!

That’s incredible.  A real testament to years of fun, adventure, and (let’s face it) hard work.

May your television program and other ventures continue to be blessed with success – is another 300,000 miles in the future?

Ben & Patti, Hayes Canyon Campground, Shawnee National Forest, IL

Congratulations on hitting the 300,000 trail miles for the Best of America by Horseback . The Bolo Club was honored to have Tom and his crew at our location and enjoyed working with them. Look forward to the next installment on The Cowboy Channel and RFD-TV… Keep up your outstanding contribution to trail riding across the country.

Charles Stubblefield, The Bolo Club, TN

Congratulations on reaching 300,000 trail miles!!!

Tom and everyone was so great to work with and the trail ride we did at Airfield provided us the opportunity to expand our equine programs and especially our trail riding.  We continue to get great feedback from folks who saw the video. We are truly blessed to have been a part of this journey!

Thanks again for everything.  You need to come back and see what new things we have done at the 4-H Center.  We have added a third riding arena with the help of our trail boss. We have also added a floating boardwalk across the lake along with many other improvements.

Your enthusiasm and support were a crucial part in helping us continue our mission and provide a safe camping experience for thousands of 4-Hers each year.  Thank you so much for including us on this journey!

Melvin Atkinson, Center Director, Airfield 4-H Conference Center, VA

We were thrilled when Tom and Pat came to Historic Belmead to film an episode of BEST OF AMERICA BY HORSEBACK.  The team was professional and we found everyone to be real down to earth people. They made us feel like family and we will always remember our time together.

Congratulations on your historic milestone.  We hope you continue to showcase many more riding opportunities for those who love to ride and watch Best of America by Horseback.

Warmest regards,

Bruce Whitlow and Marilyn Catlett, Belmead Stables, VA

Best of America by Horseback, with Tom and Pat Seay, visited Challenge Ranch in 2011. Challenge Ranch is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to underprivileged and disadvantaged children.  The kids so enjoyed talking with Tom, telling him how the horses had inspired them to think differently about how to approach difficult circumstances in their lives, how they had become more confident, calm and considerate.  

The years have gone by, those children are grown and moved on to happy successful futures.  We have Equine Vets, Certified Riding Instructors, Equine Humane Society facility Managers, National Army Equestrian Team Riders, Scholastic show jumping team riders, and just lots of happy, well adjusted young people. Thank you Best Of America for showing America what a difference horses can make in troubled young lives.

Ron and I ? We retire this year.   Moving down to Belize to carry on there doing what we do with young people and horses. Great memories !  Thank you.

Ron and Jane, Challenge Ranch, CA

Dear Tom,

Looking back at the favorite highlights of my life at Reed Valley Ranch in Hemet, California can not be complete without the wonderful memories you, Pat and your crew helped make during our ride at RVR in 2010. I was told by our friends that got to come and participate that they felt the ride was special also. I often find myself looking at the DVD you made for us and reliving those times. It is bittersweet as I get to see and hear my dear departed wife Janet and my friend, Georgia Classen, the owner who both passed away in 2016, discuss their passion for the ranch and get to hear their voices.  Tom, I want to thank you for the blessing you brought to our lives and congratulate you on your milestone. Take care my friend and God Bless you.

Warm regards,

Don Moore, Reed Valley Ranch, CA

Congratulations Tom and BOABH for reaching 300,000 trail miles this year! Your commitment and dedication to showing the most beautiful parts of our nation is to be commended. We thank you for including the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch as one of the best riding locations in America! Our students look forward to joining you this summer as you strike out to meet another 100,000 trail miles!   

Maria Knapp, Vice President Donor and Legislative Affairs, Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Inc.

Dear Mr. Seay

Congratulations on reaching the 300,000 mile mark. I hope that you have reflected on the past and the many people you have influenced. In regards to the Florida Sheriffs Youth ranches, we appreciate your generosity and opportunities you have provided for our program. I look forward to seeing you in Kansas; the kids are excited.

God bless

Jeff Parker, Farm Mgr, Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches

Dear Mr. Seay,

What an amazing accomplishment in reaching such a milestone as 300,000 thousand trail miles on your television show the Best of America by Horseback.  I must tell you that when I think of you riding that kind of total distance while promoting the beauty of this wonderful world of ours, I can only say that you are indeed the Trail Master!  When you were here at the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch your love for others, especially children shone as bright as a beacon on a dark night and we are grateful that you choose us to be a part of your show.  I know the children and staff loved having you and your team at our Boys Ranch and participating in the trail ride with you. Thank you for all that you do and congratulations on reaching such an epic trail riding milestone!!

God Bless,

Bill Frye, President, Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Inc

Aloha and Congratulations for reaching this amazing Milestone!!! We enjoyed your selecting Piiholo Ranch on Maui for your Hawaii experience. Your show is truly an inspirational one as it takes so many of us on Horseback Journeys   to places that we are not always able to get to.

We say Mahalo, and the best of wishes from us on Maui… Mahalo from the Paniolos of Maui.

Peter and Susie Baldwin, Owners, Piiholo Ranch, HI


Notes from Friends of the Show

Tom and Pat,

Congratulations upon attaining 300,000 miles of viewing America by horseback! We can think of no better way to see this great Country than on the back of its most notable means of transportation and sharing that experience with the Best of America by Horseback family. Even the folks who did not ride shared the love of the outdoors and admiration for the horse; all of the Best of America by Horseback family share these common interests. Thank you for allowing us to share our short lives with the very special experience of riding on your excursions and of the very unique way in which you both weave American history into many rides, thereby honoring the men and women who helped make this Country great.  We have always enjoyed your rides and look forward to joining you soon and completing another 300,000 mile mark!

Andy and Debbie Jackson, Lexington, VA

Congratulations to our dear friends, Tom and Pat. We read about the three of you 20 years ago in an article in the Washington Post Newspaper Travel Section  You two lived in Syria, Virginia and had a dog named Stupid. We came to Syria to meet the three of you-- Tom, Pat, and Stu. At that time you had a hack line and you guys guided us on our first trail ride.  The Friendship began and continues to this day. Tommy and Pat-- congratulations on this historic milestone.

Paul and Mary Jane Taylor, IN

Tom, you and Pat have put together so many beautiful places to ride that I wish I would’ve been on all of them. To be able to reach the 300,000 mile mark is quite an accomplishment. Boabh is just one big family and I hope you’re able to make another 300,000 miles. Congratulations to you and Pat, and thanks for taking all of us along for the ride!!

Paul Fuchs, WV

Tom Seay I am so proud of you on what you and your team has accomplished with Best of America By Horseback!   I am so proud to be considered your friend. What an asset you and your team are to the Horse Industry!   What is next?

Ernie Rodina, Better Horses Network Inc, KS

I want to thank everyone for helping us celebrate this momentous occasion.  300,000 miles of trails have been ridden all over the United States and many foreign countries, and millions of people have been watching all of you on these journeys!!!  

Best of America by Horseback didn't just happen.  It was the brainchild of two wonderful people who love people, horses and adventure, and you all know them, Tom and Pat Seay, but they couldn't have made this possible without all of your participation.  Tom has guided all of you safely on all these adventures and Pat has filmed all the great rides and produced the favorite trail riding show in the world, Best of America by Horseback! Tom and Pat have helped so many people fulfill their dreams, me included. Their charitable nature is not known by everyone, but most of you know  how helpful and kind they are. I want to congratulate Tom, Pat, and all the Best of America riders that have made this wonderful occasion a reality. Thanks to you all.

Wanda Phillips, AL

Congratulations on reaching another magnificent milestone of 300,000 miles, in the journey that is Best of America by Horseback. Gosh, I remember celebrating 100,000 Best of America miles! I am reminded of the saddle time, enduring memories, and the camaraderie over the years I was blessed to travel and work with Tom and Pat Seay. While each location featured has its own unique beauty and amenities, the people, the laughter, the friends made along those miles will last a lifetime. You know you are fortunate when you may knock on the doors of fine folk around this great country, knowing they would set a plate for you at any time. The common theme of this adventurous lot of folks, who sit around campfires, enjoy Tom's entertaining stories, while letting wet saddle blankets dry, sing songs with Del Shields and tell some "tall" tales, IS the horse. Our common love of horses has literally carried us "by Horseback", to this momentous celebration. I am forever grateful for each of those miles in my saddle and wish the Best of America by Horseback family many, many more miles. Until I may join you again . . . happy trails!

Michelle Mayfield Turner, former Marketing/Public Relations Manager, BOABH


Chick and I have ridden with you and cruised with you. Such great hosts! You are such good people and have helped thousands to appreciate all the lovely places to ride with their horses.

Happy Trails,

Chick and Linda Evans, PA

Howdy Tom and Pat,

Congratulations on reaching this great accomplishment.  I know of no one else that has made such an impact on the trail riding world as the BOABH family and friends.  That's why I call Tom the US Ambassador to trail riding. Trail riding is the greatest equine sport of all, because once you hit the trail, everyone wins.  Seeing the world from the back of a horse or mule just don't get any better. 300,000 trail miles and thousands of new friends along the way, WOW where do you go from here?  Thanks for all ya'll have done so far and good luck and wishes on your future trails.

Alfred Tyson, Editor, Carolina Trail Rider Magazine

Dear Tom & Pat,

I heard the amazing news of you traveling 300,000 adventurous miles with BOABH. What an accomplishment that is!! Not many people realize the hard work and dedication it takes to coordinate a trail ride. Scheduling, mapping, meals and accommodations are just a few of the necessities needed. You always offer your help to people, young or old. From hurricanes to children's schools in Belize, and everything in between.

The BOABH show allows people to join you on many adventures and see the beautiful sights of America, even if it is from the comfort of their own living room. I first saw you on the show and thought...someday I will ride with these great people. I have been blessed to do so many, many times.

You open your hearts and home to many riders and treat everyone like family. I feel like a member of your family and would welcome you to sit around my campfire anytime.  Thanks for all the great memories and here's hoping to many more!!

P.S. The only problem I have regarding the 300,000 mile achievement is that I am not there to celebrate with you and that I didn't get to join you for each and every mile.

May God Bless You and the trails you ride,

Donna Gladstone, MO

In recognition of my very Dear friends Tom and Pat Seay, I would like to offer a few words of congratulations and honor.  My mind is flooded with memories as I write these words, and my heart is proud to be counted amongst the many friends sharing this momentous occasion of the 300,000 miles ridden by The Best of America by Horseback family.  While treasuring my own precious memories of riding with Tom and Pat, I know I would not have had these opportunities apart from this gift they gave to me and un-numbered others who have shared in their dreams and adventures.

While it is possible to count the miles ridden on Horseback, there is no way to calculate the blessings given to so many precious people over these miles and years by Tom and Pat Seay.  I have witnessed the laughter and tears of them both as they put themselves into the lives of people who needed just what they gave at just that moment in their lives.

While horses are the subject, they most certainly have passed off their focus to the greater good done by these people and their staff.  Lives have been touched in ways that are indescribable,and will never be forgotten by those who's trails crossed with them.

Tom and Pat, I love you, and am so proud of you for dreaming your dreams, living your dreams, and sharing your dreams with me and the myriads of other folks who said, "We can't" but you said "yes you can, and we will help you."

Thank you, and God bless You Both. You deserve this celebration.

Your Friend, Del Shields, KS

Notes from Past Locations

Notes from Our Sponsors

It is and always has been a pleasure supporting Tom and Pat and their efforts to keep horses in the front, regarding the past and current history of our country.  Few people realize that the word horse and horseman appears 99 times in scripture. Our savior obviously made horses important in our world. Of course horses are responsible for my connection to the BOABH family.  With the Seays, it became obvious to me early on that their love for horses was only overshadowed by their love for people. It has been with great pleasure and honor that I have shared their home, their trails, their events and several godly services that they have held.  I will always pray for them and their supporters as they carry their loving ways throughout our country with their equestrian choice of venues.

Love and blessings to all my BOABH friends and especially our leader.

Gary Stites, Lakota of Ohio

To: Tom & Pat, Best of America by Horseback

I can’t believe I’m not “in the saddle” any longer with John Deere, but am so enjoying retirement.  So many great memories of “riding” together over the years, horseback and by JD Gators. And of course with Ernie and Better Horses Network.  I think you will agree, the military Christmas special we held at the Big Red One, (Junction City, KS) during their deployment in war was a super rewarding event for all of us.  So neat.

A little inside information tells me that you guys are about to achieve quite a milestone... Well that is your quest.  BUT.... 300,000 trail miles is, well, almost unbelievable. What an achievement. And I know you have accomplished each mile for not only the good of the horse lover community, but with your strong Christian roots..... For each mile.

God Bless you, Tom, Pat and the entire staff!  Happy Trails, congratulations. May our paths cross again one of these days.

Jim Lee (Leebiscuit), John Deere, retired

I’ll never forget when Greg and I first met Tom & Pat, because we resonated immediately. They have the same reason for being that we do. In our respective efforts, we do not ask what’s in it for us. Our primary goal is not, about making money or selling stuff. It’s wondering how we can serve to help people enjoy horses and an outdoor life that provides more happiness and joy than anything else we know. Riding across our glorious land on healthy, comfortable and protected horses is simply heavenly. And even just watching this splendid activity draws us in and helps us experience the joy, the oneness….the closeness to God. Tom & Pat support folks coming together to participate one way or another and we, at Cavallo, provide the hoof protection that help make for a pain free and relaxed equine partner. We have remained fast friends in mutual respect and admiration since the day we met.

Carole Herder, Cavallo Hoof Boots

I had the pleasure of meeting Tom, Pat and Kristen a few years back at their farm when I spent the day there filming a commercial for our hay feeder. Not only did they make me feel welcome in their home, they made me feel as if I was a part of the family. Though I'm not a rider myself, I always find time to watch the show and think, "Hey, I've got friends that are TV stars!"  I think my favorite episode was when Kristen was killing defenseless balloons with her six shooter; she is one crazy cowgirl!

Anyway, congratulations on all your success and all you have done for the horse riding community, God Bless you all!

Kevin Dockery, Klene Pipe Structures


Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment. I could only imagine the wonderful memories that each of your 300,000 miles have produced. We have considered it a privilege to ride with you each mile and hope that Tucker Trail Saddles have made them all comfortable.

Happy Trails,

Steve Tucker, President, Tucker Trail Saddles

A Special Note from Belize

A pleasant good evening and greetings from Belize to all distinguished guests present here today.   It is indeed a great honor to be given this wonderful opportunity to send this special note to be shared on this banquet program.  First of all, our hearts go out to the national television show, Best of America by Horseback, for accomplishing a historic trail riding milestone.  We are so proud of you all!

Of course, this great achievement requires hardworking, dedicated and passionate people like Mr. Tom Seay and Best of America by Horseback family whose mission is to serve and improve the lives of others.

For the past five years, Tom Seay and the Best of America by Horseback family have surpassed our expectations on the assistance given to our school.  Tom never says no to our needs and always finds a way to garner more support from viewers and friends. Thus, hundreds of lives in our beloved Valley of Peace Christian School have been blessed in many ways. Our school has received school supplies, teaching resources, free lunches, tuition, soccer equipment, donations for a stage project, school garden, and Bibles with students’ names written on them.   We thank everyone who has contributed towards making these possible.

All this valuable support will be treasured in these young kids’ minds and hearts for many years to come; therefore, on this special occasion, on behalf of our students’ populace, staff and parents, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Tom and Best of America by Horseback family. We are also most grateful to those who have visited our school and met the children.

We pray that our friendship with Tom Seay and the Best of America by Horseback family will continue to develop stronger bonds of trust and love for the benefit of our beloved students at Valley of Peace Christian School.

To conclude, we congratulate Mr. Tom Seay and all trail riders for accomplishing this historic trail riding milestone.  Moreover, we are so privileged to be part of your success!  We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Keep on riding and visit Belize!  Today, it’s really a golden occasion to celebrate and we join you from a distance! God bless you all!

Jose Duenas, Valley of Peace Christian School, Belize

Thank You for Making

Our Dreams Come True!