In Remembrance of Mike Phillips

During the Mexico to Canada trip in 2009, Tom, Pat and Del met Mike and Wanda Phillips from Alabama. They are all became very close friends during that ride.  

If you ever got the chance to meet Mike, you would have noticed that he was a quiet man. Usually in a group setting he would sit back and take it all in but if you got to talk to Mike one on one, you would know how brilliant of a man Mike was. 

Mike used to have his own fabrication shop which comes in handy traveling. He was a big help on and off the trails having a solution to just about any problem. Tom, impressed with Mike's knowledge and kind heart to help others in need, asked Mike to be the Trail Boss for Best of America by Horseback rides which allowed Tom more time to spend riding  getting to know the group. 

We will miss Mike and his kindness towards others, but he will forever ride with us in our hearts.

April 13, 1942 - March 12, 2014

Trail Boss