Jack Jouett Historic Ride - Culpeper, VA - June 2-4, 2017
  • Join Tom Seay & Kristen Biscoe for a historic ride of "The Paul Revere of the South", Jack Jouett's ride to warn Thomas Jefferson at Monticello of a British plan to capture Thomas Jefferson.
  • Ride in the Parade the town of Mineral (the town close to Cuckoo Tavern) is hosting to celebrate Jack Jouett on Saturday 
  • Enjoy the town's festivities after the parade with colonial activities
  • Ride part of a possible route that Jack Jouett took on Saturday and Sunday
  • Enjoy driving and working cattle on Friday before the ride
  • All meals, stall, and transportation included
  • No charge for electric hook-ups
  • Full bathhouse available
  • Ride in colonial costume to re-inact this ride (optional) - find costumes you need from Gene's Costumes - you can rent or purchase from them
  • Be a part of bringing history to life!
June 2-4 ♦ Jack Jouett Ride Activities

To ride and celebrate the Jack Jouett Ride with Tom Seay & Kristen Biscoe 

Call Lisa at 540-829-9555 to get the details and to reserve your spot.

Ride spaces are limited so don't wait!