Tom Seay
Executive Producer, Host, & Trail Master, Best of America by Horseback

Tom has had horses since he was 5 years old. He traveled America, taking people on overnight horseback vacations for nineteen years as a professional horseback outfitter. As an outfitter, his greatest accomplishment was organizing and leading “The American Transcontinental Trail Ride” in 1995. Pursuing a longtime dream, and after a year of logistical planning, Tom successfully lead a group of horseback riders and wagons from Savannah, Georgia, on the Atlantic Ocean, to San Diego, California on the Pacific Ocean, every step of the way on horseback, over 3,000 miles. The trip took four and a half months. Tom was hosted by 83 towns with 256 riders participating on parts of the trip, including Mayors, Chiefs of Police and the Texas Rangers. Former President Jimmy Carter taught the group Sunday School as the trail ride passed through Plains, Georgia. 

More recently, Tom organized and lead the highly successful trail ride from Mexico to Canada, which lasted over four and a half months. Other rides have included history themes such as Old Tombstone, Jesse James Festival, President Reagan's Ranch, Lincoln's Ride to the White House, Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Pageant, Knights of the Golden Horseshoe, the Chisholm Trail, and the retracing the history of Jack Jouett Trail Ride. He and Pat are constantly welcoming people to the farm for cattle drives and dinners in their colonial home.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Richmond. Besides producing the Best of America by Horseback television series, Tom is a full time farmer in Virginia. His genuine "down home," farm boy personality and great sense of humor makes you feel like you’ve known him for years.

America's Premier Trail Riding & Equine Travel Television Show

Hosted by outdoorsman Tom Seay, this series captures the beauty of America by horseback. It is the number one trail riding show in the country, featuring magnificent riding locations around the United States and the surrounding countries while also providing educational and informative segments on horses, travel, equine care, and quality equine products and services.

Each riding location featured on the show is a destination where viewers can go with their own horses; some destinations even provide equine for guests to use. Best of America by Horseback covers all of the details you would want to know before you visit yourself, such as the trails and terrain, the footing and the difficulty level of the trails, the available lodging accommodations or camping facilities as well as ease of access with large rigs.

Other segments on the show feature tips for traveling with your own horses, such as how to plan and map a trip, how to find stop over locations for horses, trailer safety tips, vet tips and horse nutrition tips. If you do not have a horse, you will still enjoy watching the show for the scenic riding locations, local history, and beautiful wildlife of each area.

We are passionate about this country and it's people and it shows through in-depth interviews by our hosts. Best of America by Horseback television show has been broadcast weekly on RFD-TV since 2005.

Pat Seay
Producer & Director, Best of America by Horseback

Pat managed two horseback vacation businesses with husband, Tom. The pair traveled the country, taking guests on overnight horseback vacations for nineteen years. Pat and Tom organized and coordinated “The American Transcontinental Trail Ride” in 1995, the ride that inspired their current television series, Best of America by Horseback

Pat developed many of her skills while working on several major motion pictures in production coordination and media exposure before moving into television. For 11 years, Pat was the Production Manager for a cable television station in Virginia, where she oversaw every aspect of daily television production. Her passion is producing outdoor sports programs, such as fishing, hunting, skiing, boating, flying, and horseback riding. She has produced segments for television all over the United States, Canada, and locations outside the U.S., including England, Scotland, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Pat’s attention to detail is evident in the production of the Best of America by Horseback series. She makes sure each episode is informative, educational, scenic, and appealing to a broad audience. If viewers do not have horses, her goal is to still have them enjoy the beautiful scenery, wildlife, and interesting information she tries to include in every show.

Pat is a graduate of Old Dominion University.