2020 Liz Malcome Award Winner
Candice Gulley, Alabama

Candice Gulley of the Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch, has dedicated her life to be a positive maternal figure to the many young girls that come to the ranch. Her creation of the Equine Program at the Girls' Ranch adds a new opportunity for growth, compassion, and discipline for the girls living at the ranch. Her passion and dedication have elevated her to the position of Director of the Girl's Ranch. Candice lives in Camp Hill, AL with her husband, Tommy, and their three children.

The Liz Malcome Award is given to someone in the horse world that helps others with compassion and dedication. Liz dreamt of riding across the country "while she still could." She and her sister, Kathy Baldwin, rode with us on the famous Mexico to Canada Trail Ride. Both of these ladies are extraordinary in so many ways and have done so much for so many people. Liz & Kathy devoted their lives to nursing, and Kathy organized a medical mission to the children of Belize. Their love of training and riding Tennessee Walking Horses is well known. Liz passed away several years ago and we felt, like so many of you, that she and Kathy were truly part of everyone's family.

Past Winners

2019: Jim & Karen Mattos, California
2018: Ray Larson, Texas

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Liz Malcome

Candice Gulley

2020 Mike Phillips Award Winner
Troy Chappell, North Dakota

Troy Chappell of the Back Country Horsemen of North Dakota (BCHND) is committed to preserving, maintaining, and creating new trails in North Dakota. Troy has dedicated much of his time and his own money to lobby and promote Back Country Horsemen nationwide, including reaching out to us here at BOABH to coordinate a ride at Bar X Ranch. This dedication is most impressive and helps secure and guarantee riding trails for future generations. Troy is a farmer from ND and is President of the BCHND.

The Mike Phillips Award is given to modern-day trailblazers. Mike was a trail boss and close friend on the Mexico to Canad Ride. Mike needed heart surgery but rode from old Mexico with us along the Rio Grande and continued every inch for over 1,000 miles until he had to go have his surgery. A friend without boundaries to me and so many others, he never stopped wanting to care for all those around him and to help people in any way. He and his devoted wife, Wanda, spent many years with us traveling until he passed away several years ago. He helped Back Country Horsemen, worked the trails, and his love of horses and trail riding was endless. He overcame health issues to help all of us.

Past Winners

2019: Maurice & Wanda Austin, Louisiana
2018: Boo Rollins, Virginia

Troy Chappell

Mike Phillips

2020 Aileen Livingston Award Winner
Jeff Parker, Florida

Jeff Parker of the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch in Live Oak, FL performs quiet, behind-the-scenes work with so many young men and women and sets an example for us all. The positive influence Jeff has had on so many young people is beyond measure. After getting to know Jeff, it is easy to see why so many seem to respect and trust him. He is a knowledgeable horseman, cattleman, and rancher, and he uses this expertise to contribute to the Live Oak community.

The Aileen Livingston Award is to honor one of the finest people we have ever known. Years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting John Wayne and to spend the day with Roy Rogers, but it is Aileen Livingston that I tell people is my most inspring hero. Her love of horses and trail riding is inspiring, and her compassion for life and those around her, even in the face of health issues, has no boundaries. Despite a dozen reasons not to go, she rode across the country with us, hopping and skipping from place to place, all the way to California.

Past Winners

2019: BOABH Family Members who offered help to others during Hurricane Florence
2018: Donna Gladstone, Missouri

Jeff Parker

Aileen Livingston

2020 Man of the Year Award Winners
Lonnie Stieben, Kansas
Ryan Karrick, Kansas

Lonnie Stieben and Ryan Karrick played key roles in the coordination of the Chisholm Trail Ride in 2019, but their dedication to the community of Clearwater goes far beyond the Chisholm Trail event itself.

Lonnie and Ryan worked tirelessly to help community organizations and individuals work to a higher level. Beyond the light of publicity and the knowledge of others, each of these men uplifted the opportunities of our riders, children of the community, preserved history, and cared for others, such as the people living in the area nursing homes, as well as for people they had never met.

It is rare for any community to have such gentlemen that unselfishly improve the lives of so many, often at their own expense. Lonnie and Ryan's dedication to improving the lives of the Clearwater community is something to be admired.

The Best of America by Horseback Man of the Year Award is designed to recognize individuals who are dedicated to improving their communities.

2020 Cowboy of the Year Award Winner
Sam Wylie, Kansas

The very first Cowboy of the Year Award goes to Sam Wylie of Caldwell, KS. Sam's work with the recent Best of America by Horseback ride on the Chisholm Trail under extreme weather conditions safeguarded community members, riders, and their horses. His dedication and kindness to everyone he meets are a genuine testament to his strength of character.

Sam's abilities as a professional horseman and outdoor guide are impressive. He worked tirelessly with us to make sure very rider, whether of the highest level or the least capable, was given the utmost attention and care. He also helped commemorate the 150th celebration of the Chisholm Trail with a cattle drive over about 100 miles of the trail in 2017. He takes part in historic reenactments with the Border Queen Regulators.

Further, his dedication to his community is of the highest order. He has the unique talent of upholding the law as a 12 year veteran of the Sumner County Sheriff's Office, a position that commands the respect of everyone he meets. Sam is currently the only mounted deputy in Sumner County.

He is a true gentleman and represents the very best of the American Spirit and the Cowboy way of life in everything he does. We are proud to honor Sam.

The Best of America by Horseback television show announces the first presentation of the Cowboy of the Year Award. The award is designed to recognize the individual that best represents the finest ideals of the American Cowboy.

Lonnie Stieben & Ryan Karrick

Sam Wylie