"(We) started advertising with BOABH a few months ago. Initially we aired a 15 second ad and frankly didn't expect very conclusive results with such a small budget on our part. And initially we were correct. Then we ran a market survey 3 months later asking "our new members" over the past 3 months how they heard of (us). The final tabulation astounded me. While BOABH commanded only 5% of our advertising budget it was responsible for 10% of our new membership! Numbers like that are pretty hard to come by.
We look forward to increased exposure to Tom Seay's captive and loyal audiences. They love the guy!"

"The show has been great for Hobcaw Barony. We have people calling about our trail rides all the time." 
- George Chastain, Hobcaw Barony in Georgetown, SC
"We have been flooded with messages after posting this. I was a little overwhelmed last night, but in a good way. If you or Tom are ever planning a trip our way, Pete said to give him a call and come out for a couple of days. Thanks so much, everyone was great to work with!"
- Diane Mustari, Wolf Lake Ranch Resort in Baldwin, MI

"Tom and Pat, I just saw the show on Belmead (Stables & Riding Club in Powhatan, VA). It was fantastic. It brought tears to my eyes! The dreams and hard work of Marilyn and Bruce and so many volunteers, surrounded by the beauty and history of this spiritual place is like magic to each visitor. Your show portrayed it perfectly. Thank you so much as you know just how special this place is to me! Also thanks for a few shots of me and my Rose! Nothing like a big Bald face horse coming down a trail. Thanks again."
"I have had a dozen calls from out of state already just because of the show! We are excited to see what this year has in store for us. Still working on more improvements. New shop is almost done for our equipment. And almost ready to start on the new barn. Working on finishing up the kitchen in the pavilion today. Thank you so much! Hopefully some day we can make it that direction to visit or make a cruise with you guys! Thank you"
- Ethan Tuttle, Pinecrest Campground & Cabins in Salem, MO
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